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I am going to lower to the chase as a substitute of burying the lede right here: In lots of instances, freezing contemporary basil earlier than incorporating it into pesto will produce tastier outcomes.

I do know, I discover it arduous to imagine myself. However hear me out, as a result of there is a good clarification for all of this.

This entire thought took place as a result of my fridge is damaged. Each couple of weeks, it decides to kick its compressor into excessive gear, and every part on the underside shelf finally ends up freezing strong. That is what occurred just lately to the ginger and lemongrass I used to be storing in there. I ended up deciding to make use of that frozen-then-thawed lemongrass and ginger in a Thai-style curry paste, and was frankly stunned at how simply they included into the combo in my mortar and pestle. Then it occurred to me: Maybe freezing aromatics is a good factor?

My reasoning went like this: In lots of instances, we would like our greens and herbs to remain comparatively vivid and intact. We wish crunch, we would like chew, we would like texture. However generally, we would like the alternative: We wish our greens and herbs to get fully pulverized. We wish them bruised, crushed, and squeezed till each single one in every of their cells bursts open and releases its aromatic juices. That is why we have discovered that for issues like pesto, curry paste, and guacamole, a very good, heavy-duty mortar and pestle produces much better outcomes than a meals processor or blender.

Why is that? Nicely, it is as a result of a mortar and pestle crushes cells moderately than shearing them. Consider your vegetable as a stack of delivery containers, every full of flavorful juices. A meals processor has a whirling blade that knocks these containers aside. It could nicely lower open a couple of of them, however most of the time, it merely batters them in order that they separate from one another whereas staying intact individually. A mortar and pestle, however, would not simply separate them however completely crushes them, releasing their cargo.

So the place does freezing are available in? Freezing can accomplish an identical purpose because the mortar and pestle. Quite than crushing from the skin, although, it causes cells to tear other than the within, as liquid water expands and types jagged ice crystals. Greens and aromatics which have been frozen after which thawed are limp and bruised-looking.


So, I figured, if freezing causes cells to rupture, and rupturing cells is our purpose when making curry pastes and pestos, may it really enhance the outcomes? Furthermore, may it assist produce extra-tasty pesto within the meals processor or mini chopper, no mortar and pestle required?

To check this, I first made three totally different batches of pesto utilizing Daniel’s improbable recipe.


The primary I made the standard method, utilizing contemporary basil and a mortar and pestle alone. The second I made in a mini chopper, utilizing contemporary basil. The third I made within the mini chopper utilizing basil that I would positioned within the freezer in a single day and allowed to thaw for a couple of minutes at room temperature. (Basil has such a excessive surface-area-to-volume ratio that it freezes and defrosts in moments.)

The outcomes?


Nicely, the idea held true. Considerably.

The pesto made within the mortar and pestle was positively the most effective of the three, boasting a creamy, emulsified texture and actually vivid, vibrant basil taste. The batch made out of contemporary basil within the mini chopper was simply the worst, with a type of gritty texture and muted taste. I would not kick it out of my pasta mattress, but it surely would not be my first alternative for a garlic-breath date night time, both. The third batch—the one made with frozen basil within the mini chopper—was someplace within the center. It had the identical nice, creamy texture because the pesto made with the mortar and pestle, and you may see from its considerably lighter colour that it really fashioned a extra secure emulsion than the pounded model. Its taste was additionally an enormous enchancment over that of its non-frozen counterpart, although it wasn’t fairly as flavor-packed because the model made with the mortar and pestle.

For completeness, I made one other batch wherein I froze the basil, then crushed it with the mortar and pestle. I did not discover any severe benefits there.

Looking back, this should not have stunned me: I exploit the very same logic when freezing greens for my gazpacho, and it really works wonders there.

So what are the sensible purposes right here? Nicely, when you’re keen to place within the elbow grease and pound your pastes with a mortar and pestle, then freezing aromatics will not make your stuff significantly better. It’ll, however, make storing issues and the act of pounding itself a little bit simpler on you, as these aromatics will already be limp to start with. In the event you’ve been taking the lazy route and utilizing the meals processor for all of your curry pastes and pestos (and I do know you are on the market!), attempt popping these aromatics within the freezer earlier than you throw them within the meals processor. You may simply discover that your meals comes out a bit tastier, with virtually no further work required in your half.

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